Nanoreno 2014 : The mountain brought forth a mouse

After our covering of NaNoRenO 2014 during march, it’s time look at how things ended for everyone. It’s been almost three weeks since the end of the event but we wanted to wait for late comers (because there’s always some) before really talking about it. It’s the moment of truth!

Clockwork City (Badriel)

For starters, here’s some numbers : since 2012, there’s more and more started projects (about 40 in 2012, about 50 in 2013 and about 60 in 2014) but always the same amount of finished projects (still about 20). Considering this, the 2014 editions seems to be in the good, but, there’s a huge difference : very few ambitious games survived.

The Mishka Effect (kaleidofish)

If you remember, every NaNoRenO has its few games that are above the average (mostly in technical aspects), but this time the amount of ambitious, originals or upcoming game projects was superior but almost not a single one was finished, which is kinda disappointing. The 2014 vintage is much less interesting than it seemed. Of the 15 project Projet Saya was following closely, only 5 were released at the moment.

The Light House (Starship ★ Palindrome)

The fact is that the more experienced teams, used to work during NaNoRenO, were not participating this year : Morishita and Circle Pegasi couldn’t take part, and Sakevisual, who which was planning to work on Every Sunrise didn’t give any lifesigns (they were probably too busy with Backstage Pass) and only Cyanide Tea was here.

Visual Novel Tycoon (leon)

Here is the list of the project that are dead, stalled or didn’t give any news lately : A Child Summoner for Moloch, Black Doves (they’re working on a demo), Dulcet Radio Suite, Emma, Fly of Memory, Isse Takes the Trolley, Klaenya Tunnel, Looking for Angels, Lucid, Paradox, Sly Crossing, The Lady Minus Y. That’s the hard law of NaNoRenO…

Taarradhin (Cyanide Tea)

What we ought to remember from NaNoRenO 2014 is that being too ambitious might drown your project : your concept might be good, the technical aspect too and your first try can be really connvincing, but if the work has been falsely estimated, if the organisation goes wrong and the people can’t respect the deadlines, it’ll be really difficult to finish. NaNoRenO is like an experience that helps you reckon your limits : if a team can’t release its work, even if it’s a partial build, at the end of the month, well they will have a really hard time with a much bigger project, so they have to learn from their mistakes in order to go forward.

The Phantom Icecream Truck (Geckos)

And so, to finish on a better tone, here’s the list of all completed projects (of which you have seen some images here). Congratulations to all the courageous teams who stayed until the very end!

For the records, I released How visual novels changed my life (Träumendes Mädchen)

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