NaNoRenO 2014 – The second week

[Version française disponible ici]

Here we are, the end of the second NaNoRenO’s week. Most of the project are starting to take shape and everyone got to work even harder to be sure to be able to finish in due time. For some, it’s only the begining, like Rainbow Wavedash and some people from Starswirl Academy’s development team who just announced their entry. Again, a promising project is entering the competition.

nanoreno klaenya's tunnel
Klaenya, the protagonist from Klaenya’s Tunnel

On the other hand, unknows are also taking part but their projects are as interesting as the others. Klaenya’s Tunnel is the first visual novel of two french girls. With its cute logo and its story which gives feelings similar to Alice in Wonderland, Klaenya’s Tunnel seems to be as strange as interesting. Divided in three « levels » with their own good and bad end. Also, each level will have its own drawing style. That looks promising!

Paradox is a VN taking place in a post-apocalyptic utopia. In this blasted world, only one city remains, Paradox. Behind its heavenly look lies a dark event. A contest where people with special talent are pushed to kill each others. Satsuki, the protagonist, is determined to survive and discover everything Paradox hides. This otome game with a touch of Battle Royale will only be available as a demo as the project seems to be way too ambitious to be completed in only a month.

Among the projects that make good progress, there’s I, Miku. A project… made by fans for fans? That first sentence that pops into you mind when you look at it. The story lets you follow Hatsune Miku, or Appuru Miku here, in a cliché and parodic japanese school setting. As the story goes, we’ll meet a lot of characters from popular japanese anime and games. What make I, Miku an original project is its way to use photos of Nendoroids as sprites. It gives a really cute and appealing touch.

Cyanide-Tea showed some really good progress this week as the sprites and backgrounds for Taarradhin are already done! It seems like Auro and Camille are working hard, as always.

paradox nanoreno
The title screen from Paradox

Black Doves, which we talked about on our first NaNoRenO report, seems to make good progress too. Many screenshots and concept arts were showed during the past week. Hazel Bun seems to be really focusing on the UI. As of now, the word count is near 9000 words, and it’s not even half of the scenario.

The serious business has definitely begun and we’re still far from the end of NaNoRenO 2014. There’s still two weeks left and some people aren’t giving any news. Are they waiting for the right time? Or are they just too busy working relentlessly? There’s only one way to know it! See you tomorrow for the new « Focus on… » and wednesday for the interview. Yes, there will be one, I promise!


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