NaNoRenO 2014, let’s go!

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Since yesterday, NaNoRenO 2014 has officialy started. The first day has just ended in some part of the world and we can already see several projects taking shape and already looking awesome. From the most modest to the most ambitious, those first days of this year’s NaNoRenO are already showing how diversified the projects can be.

Chantall nanoreno
Chantall from Dulchet: Radio Suite

Currently, there are more than twenty projects that have been announced on Lemmasoft, while others are waiting for the good moment to show what they’ve got. Not that many well-know groups have presented their games but we know for sure that people like Sakevisual or Cyanide Tea will take part in the contest.

Among the most advanced projects we can find :  Sly Crossing, by konett, which already have a whole character cast and a bunch of screenshots. Black Doves, by Hazel-Bun, is also quite ahead with its multiple character sketches.

We can also take a look at Hammer, by the magnificent and well-known Mugenjehoncel which already shows 100% in almost every step, except art. Of course, be careful with those numbers as this is a project that has been worked on for a long time and will be… only five minutes long. This is so Uncle Mugen.

Within what we could call the « oddities » we can take a look at Ennui, by Ipskies, with its strange and minimalist design and its curious subject.

At the moment, if I should pick a single project I want to see completed, it would be Dulcet: Radio Suite by Luce Jumble. Mafia, street war and a really appealing style piqued my interest.

During the upcoming week I’ll be waiting for more contestant to reveal their projects. We all know that the biggest projects are always waiting to have something to show before revealing anything. The game I’m expecting the most is without any doubt Every Sunrise, by Sakevisual. Anounced a long time ago, that sequel to Ripples will finally be produced at this year’s NaNoRenO.

sly crossing nanoreno
Sly Crossing and its really beautiful GUI

Tommorow I will present in details a project of my choice that aroused my interest, in order to properly start the first week of NaNoRenO. Wednesday we will publish our first NaNoRenO interview, or not, if we can, if we’re lucky enough. Finally, next sunday we will take another look at the progress of every project!

03/02, 9pm GMT :

  • Announced projects : 23
  • Active projects : 23
  • Completed projects : 0
  • Dropped projects : 0



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