NaNoRenO 2014 – Interview with Auro-Cyanide

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As part of our covering of NaNoRenO 2014, we’ve interviewed different people who participated, or are participating, to NaNoRenO in order to gather feelings and stories about that quite unique event in the EVN community. For the first interview, we met Auro-Cyanide, member of the duo Cyanide Tea. For the past instances of NaNoRenO, she worked on games such as Ristorante Amore or Don’t Take it Personally. This year she’s participating with Lore, the other half of Cyanide Tea.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Auro-Cyanide. I’m an artist who has been working on visual novels since 2010 on a variety of different projects with different people. I’m currently the artist for Cyanide Tea with Lore.


Why are you participating in NaNoRenO? Is there something that encourages you to take part in it every year?

I always have a lot of fun with Nanoreno, I enjoy the fast pace and the feeling of companionship as everyone works hard on their projects at the same time. It’s always a good opportunity to do something small and different, take some risks, do some experimenting. The first time I joined it was just a way to get my foot in the door and try out helping someone with a game. The second time was working in a fuller capacity as an artist with Lore as a team mate. After that it feels like I should make it a tradition. Overall I join because it’s exciting and I get to try and finish a project !

ristorante amore auro-cyanide
Ristorante Amore, made during NaNoRenO 2012 with Cyanide Tea

Usually, your are part of the duo Cyanide Tea, but during NaNoRenO you often work with other groups. Is it an opportunity to meet new people?

I definitely think so ! Since the project is small it can be a great way to test the waters with different team mates, or maybe there is a certain person you would love to work with who can’t dedicate themselves to a full project with you at that time. I’m working with Lore again this year, but I definitely think that people can and should take the opportunity to mix things up during Nanoreno and see what they learn from it.


Every year, you seem to be swamped with work. During NaNoRenO 2012, when you were working on Ristorante Amore, you even said that you were barely having any sleep. How do you manage to get through so much work?

Haha, well, I think life doesn’t get less busy as you get older, so it is something you have to work with if you want to tell stories. If you keep putting things off until you have ‘time’ you will never get it done. You really, really have to make time. This year especially is busy for me because not only do I have my obligations to my full time job, I’m also moving into a new apartment in a new city, so there is a lot going on. As such I think I will have to tone down my ambitions this year a little bit so I can still finish, so I hope people aren’t too disappointed. I’ve always tried to one up myself each year, but this year that might not be the case.

In previous years we have been pretty ambitious too. I think one of the main things to do when taking part in Nanoreno is to properly plan. You want to know exactly what you have to do and when so you can hit the ground running on the 1st of March. The other thing you need to do is try to make sure you do something every single day. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t tell yourself you ‘have time’. Expect for life to come up, for you to have to do things other than work on the game, because they most definitely will. Work when you can so that when these unexpected moments come up you won’t find yourself in position where you are trying to fit your planned work into less time. Just do it !

witch knight auro-cyanide
Witch/Knight, made during NaNoRenO 2013 with Cyanide Orphans

What is your best memory from the past instances of NaNoRenO?

Probably finishing Ristorante Amore. It was the first game I helped create in a major capacity, the very first one I released as a part of Cyanide Tea. It was probably the most fun I ever had making a game to date. Everything was so new and exciting and we didn’t have as much of a reputation as we do now so I guess we had more freedom. But overall Nanoreno tends to take the cake for best memories in game making. It’s just so much fun~


6) What are you working on this year?

This year Cyanide Tea will be working on a game called ‘Taarradhin’. In terms of scale it is a bit smaller than what we have previously produced, mostly due to me being so busy. I can’t do that many backgrounds or characters this time and what I have to do I would rather do well. I’m using a painterly style this time round so it’s definitely an experiment for me ! It’s a game of romance, and learning about people. I’m hoping that when people play it, it will make them think along with also enjoying the story itself. I’m looking forward to the time when people can play it and I can hear what they think!

Thanks to Auro for having us borrow a bit of her time. We’re wishing good luck to Cyanide Tea for their project, which you can follow here. If you want to, you can also follow Auro on Twitter, Tumblr or Deviant-Art.

See you on next wednesday for our second NaNoRenO interview!


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