NaNoRenO 2014 – Focus on… Sly Crossing

Among all the projects that have been revealed at during the first day of NaNoRenO, one stood out because of its progress and style. Sly Crossing is a project led by konett, who you may know from Tropichu! or Memento Karotte, her upcoming projects.

For this year’s NaNo she is working solo on Sly Crossing, a VN with mystery and reality show elements. Each character is a contestant in a show called Sly Crossing and they’re all trying to gather the most point they can, but one of them is The Crosser, a player who will make everything in order to sabotage the others. It is your role to investigate and uncover the Crosser.

sly crossing nanorenoSly Crossing is pretty ambitious for a NaNoRenO project and will feature some gameplay phase. During the investigation you will be able to move on a mini-map, talk to the other contestants or find items that could be useful. You can also raise some stats that will certainly change the way people act around you.

The game will be divided in 3 phases :

  • Mission, where you’ll have to fulfill an objective by choosing the right teammate and the right way of handling things.
  • Free Time, where you can raise your stats, investigate and talk to the other characters.
  • Test, where you’ll face some sort of trial. You’ll be asked questions about the Crosser and if you’re wrong, it’s game over.

In addition to its great art, Sly Crossing gives Danganronpa vibes, and I’m really interested by that.

sly crossing nanorenoDuring the first week, konett will mostly focus on the UI, some art and writing the first cycle of the story.

She is currently looking for help on the writing part, so if you think you’re good enough to help, don’t hesitate to lend her a hand and contact her on Lemmasoft.


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