NaNoRenO 2014 – Focus on… Flight of Memory

[Version française disponible ici]

We’re  a bit late, but here is our second « Focus on… »!

Flight of Memory is a kinetic novel developed by only two persons : MaiMai in charge of the art and coding and Pyopyon doing the writing. Both of them are taking part in the NaNoRenO for the first time.

The story takes place in a world where magic is a common occurence. Brisa is a young woman gifted with the power to shapeshift into a bird. For some time now, she is travelling with Zephyr, a mysterious vagabond wizard whose pastime is to fulfill requests along their trip. Everything would be fine if Brisa wasn’t amnesic : she doesn’t have a single memory from before her meeting with Zephyr. Soon, the duo stops in Whitehaven, a city in the verge of conflict, where they become way more involved than they thought…

flight of memory
The concept arts for Brisa, Zephyr and Anil

With its fantasy universe tinted with a bit of asian folklore, Flight of Memory looks like some sort of tale. The short summary is enough to make you picture the two main characters walking in a verdant scenery under the blue sky, heading toward the horizon. Brisa’s capacity to shapeshift gives the impression of a fascinating and mysterious character. Her childish look makes her really endearing and the few preview of her sprite are very expressive.

In addition to those two main characters, there’s also a third one who has been unveiled. Called Anil, a Whitehaven citizen who also has the power to shapshift into a bird. It’s obvious that he’ll be of great important in Brisa’s quest to gather her lost memory.

flight of memory
A preview of the UI and Brisa’s sprite

I won’t say that I’m expecting a lot from Flight of Memory, but I think it could be a very nice story, an adventure full of magic, in multiple ways. You don’t really need more to be interesting anyway. Also, I like how the story seems to be focusing more on friendship and adventure than romance. Not that I don’t like romance, but it’s good to see something different from time to time.

Currently, Brisa’s sprite is completed and there’s not much left for Zephyr’s. There isn’t any information on the writing’s progress though but we hope that they’re doing good.

You can follow the progress of Flight of Memory on Lemmasoft and on MaiMai’s art Tumblr.


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