NaNoRenO 2014 – First Week

[Version française disponible ici]

Since last sunday, we saw a lot of new projects starting for NaNoRenO 2014. So much projects that the numbers I gave you last week have been doubled! But, some of them are still missing. Sakevisual still hasn’t announced anything about Every Sunrise and Dangemu, developers of Devil’s Journal: Tony T are currently focusing on the Cyber Punk Jam.

Taarradhin nanoreno
Jyrik, one of the character from Taarradhin

Meanwhile, Cyanide Tea unveiled Taarradhin, which you have hear about in our interview of Auro. Inspired by the african culture, it has a setting and an atmosphere way different that what we had seen so far.

Among the new projects, there’s one which is as cute as curious. Isse Takes the Trolley let you follow a little, and a bit asocial, mouseperson called Isse who has to find a job. You will be in charge of making your own story by going from place to place. The event you see and the ending you get depends on where and when you go, and when you arrive at your final destination. Looking like a picture book, Isse seems to be a very calm and refreshing game.

A bit out of the ordinary too, Visual Novel Tycoon is… a VN developement simulation. Yeah, they could have been even more meta if it was set during NaNoRenO. In this game, you will be able to choose between different characters that represents different roles inside the developement team. Each one of them will have its own story, goals and gameplay. The killer feature is that you can even lurk Lemmasoft. Meta, I said. Meta.

Among the ones which doesn’t seem to be especially appealing but are arousing my interest, there’s The Empty Orchestra. Short, with only two characters, it has a setting a bit melancholic and mysterious. It may not be the most exciting project of all, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi of appeal.

My two favorites, Dulcet: Radio Suite and Sly Crossing, are progressing quite well. Both have released new images and told more about their story or their characters.

My biggest regret for this week was to see that Sakevisual still isn’t here. Even if Every Sunrise will be a short and modest project, I’m still interested in it and I hope it’ll be released. For the upcoming week, I’m waiting for more informations about some projects I’m intrigued in, like Looking for Angels and Lucid.

That’s it for this week, see you on monday for the second « Focus on… » and wednesday for the second interview!

isse take the trolley
The main art for Isse Takes the Trolley

03/09 at 11pm GMT :

  • Announced projects : 56
  • Active projects : 56
  • Completed projects : 0
  • Dropped projects : 0



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