Indie visual novels goes to Japan Expo, with Projet Saya!

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Spring is already here and summer is coming, soon it will be the time of the big conventions. Japan Expo, which will take place from the 2nd to the 6th of July, is the biggest european gathering about modern japanese visual culture. If visual novels are regularly represented thanks to Kawa Soft, the western indie visual novels are still a very little minority and are scattered all around. That’s why we decided to associate with Atelier Dreamnoid, Endless Seasons and Träumendes Mädchen to gather on a single booth dedicated to indie visual novels, the Projet Saya booth.

This booth will sell visual novels hard copies and goodies. But, yeah there’s a « but », we need money. Transport, lodging and booth fees are at our expenses, but the cost of goodies and hard copies production is something we cannot afford alone, that’s why we need you !

During the following month, Projet Saya will conduct a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make this project a reality. From now on and until May the 16th, you can help us fund the production of the goodies and the hard copies. You will be able to collect you reward at Japan Expo where you’ll also be able to meet the different members of the participating teams. Of course, if you are unable to go to Japan Expo, we can also send you the rewards via mail.

Alone, 1200€ is a huge amount of money that we can’t even hope to raise. With you, it becomes possible. That’s why we need your support. Help us encouraging visual novel developpers and spread the love of visual novels in the west!

Also, be sure that this is not the only thing Projet Saya is planning for Japan Expo~


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